Rejection of Sinti at campingsites

BUG has published a detailed fact sheet concerning the legal support in cases of discrimination against people with a Sinti or Roma background, which can be accessed here.

Within the framework of its new Strategic Plan 2015-2017, BUG has decided to legally support people belonging to the group of Sinti or Roma in case of discrimination. Find out more here.

Current cases

In the summer of 2016, a family wanted to go on a holiday at a campsite in the surroundings of Hanover. Despite their pre-registration, the family was denied access to the campsite on their arrival due to their belonging to the group of Sinti. In the course of the following day, they were rejected for the same reason at three other campsites in Lower Saxony. The father of the family then contacted BUG in search of support. Several lawsuits are currently being prepared against the discriminating campsites.

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